Members at Large

The CAC mission is to promote and conduct education and research in a broad spectrum of fields including acoustics, aeroacoustics, aeroelasticity, structural dynamics, nonlinear systems, pattern recognition, seismic structural vibration, fuzzy logic active control applications, active noise control, and active magnetic bearings.

The CAC strives to develop industrial affiliates and a core curriculum to prepare students for research and academic careers in these fields.

The Duke University CAC also seeks to serve as a base of expertise for faculty members within the School of Engineering and external to the school to build interdisciplinary research ties. The Center makes efficient use of faculty and laboratories to develop a program which otherwise would not be possible emanating from a single academic department.

For further information, contact Professor Henri Gavin, Director of the Center for Applied Control, at (919) 660-5201 or e-mail him at

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